Photography has helped me through some very dark times.  Nothing is more uplifting to me than capturing a split-second photograph of an ephemeral subject that will last forever, be that a facial expression, a deep gaze from expressive eyes or fast passing season.


I enjoy using different cameras.  I have a digital, a couple of old 35mm and an old original polaroid.  Black and white photographs are my images of choice, but sometimes the burst of colour from a flower or insect taken with a macro lens is vital to show the wonders around us. 


In the last few years, and using my different types of camera, I have been concentrating on creating a narrative using photographs that I have shot or found in long forgotten places and transferring them on to clay vessels that I have hand built. I developed the idea that each vessel represents a chapter in my life, and although these chapters are deeply personal, it is very cathartic and freeing to have the troubles of my past there for all to see, even if the viewer has no idea of the meanings.


My interest in photography started with the birthday gift of a 35mm Praktica when I was eleven.  I was a shy child and my camera was my ticket to start interacting with others. I was and still am, particularly interested in photographing faces and eyes. The unending different expressions that can change the look of the person I am photographing immeasurably. The depthless trap eyes create, preventing me from looking away, my imagination, captured by the colours, the individuality and the unique patterns. My interest got deeper when I was introduced to a dark room at school and I spent hours in there developing film and playing with the different effects that one could achieve though development and exposure.


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