Using stoneware clay, I hand build vessels based on the shapes of Roman and Greek urns. My inspiration comes from ancient ceramics.  


Before the first firing, I place an object that is relevant to the narrative of the vessel inside. This burns away and becomes a secret part of the vessel. After firing, I glaze the vessel with a matt off-white glaze which is a perfect canvas for my artwork.


The next process is creating a relevant lino print and using that to border around the vessel which continues the narrative. The vessel is fired for a second time. Finally, I transfer images using photographs that I have taken, and also meaningful words onto the surface and fire for a third time.


The photographs can either tell a story of a life event or just be a decorative work of art, focusing on nature, landscapes or animals. 


My latest work is a number of my handmade vessels, personal photographs and words, each vessel representing a chapter from my life.


Each vessel and the narrative it told was deeply personal. I found the making process extremely cathartic, and although I am very private about my life, it felt freeing to be able tell my story.

I am currently studying for an MA in Ceramics. This has enabled me to hold ceramic workshops to encourage others to express themselves through image transfer onto handbuilt ceramic vessels to celebrate a joyous event or occasion, or to use as a healing method for distress, trauma and grief.

Commissions also taken.

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