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A More Positive Week

So Dolly has definitely improved. I was so worried when she started on the epileptic medicine, because she was just like a zombie, but I think she was just exhausted and needed rest. Her body has adjusted to the meds and she is pretty much back to normal. I am still nervous that she will have another fit, but at the moment, fingers crossed, she has not had another fit since she started the meds.

I had THE most wonderful day at Sandsend, near Whitby with my camera. It was a hot day with no clouds in the sky, so I drove over to the coast and spent the day walking along the beach taking photos and paddling in the sea. Total perfection. I had the most delicious crab salad at a local pub called The Hart Inn. Totally can recommend it.

We also now have a new member of the family, much to the horrer of my poor children and husband. She is a tiny smooth coat chihuahua called Tinkerbell (Tinkereffingbell, or so a friend of mine said, which then reminded me of Alice Tinker from Vicar of Dibley, which then reminded me of the song "Alice, Alice, who the f**k is Alice...oh dear!! the way my brain works...) She is black and tan and 4 years old. Very, very cute and fits in with the other doggies really well. I must say, that after a day of my son not talking to me and my husband wondering whether I needed committing or not, I have really made up my mind that this is the last re-homing for a very long while, no matter how many sad stories I hear.

I have also decided to suspend my degree. I have got such a lot on my plate at the moment and my tutors have been very supportive about it, so I am now going to finish my degree next summer instead of this one. It gives me more time to really explore the work that I want to do. I went to York Open Studios yesterday and found two artists who do similar work to me. Rob Buxton and Harriet McKenzie. Both were really good to talk to and one of them has offered that I spend some time with her in her studio...I am really, really excited about that. to cook roast chicken for the teenage hoard...have a lovely Sunday. xxx


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