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I have had a very sad week this week. Dolly, age 3, my smallest chihuahua, started having fact four in one day in all very close succession. After backwarding and forwarding from the vets, it was decided that Dolly would stay the night with Claire, a wonderful and totally awesome vet, so that she could be observed all night. Dolly had two further fits, so Claire has put her on some medication that has to be given two times a day, precisely twelve hours apart. So far, the fits have ceased, but Dolly has totally changed character. Before the fits started, she was really bubbly and seriously affectionate. Now she is totally shaky on her feet, doesn't seem to know her name and is terrified whenever I bend over to pick her up. She is eating (which is a relief) but getting her to drink water is almost impossible. So we are having to syringe it into her, which she hates. All extremely sad, but at least she is alive...

I have also been struggling with finishing my dissertation and business plan...its just not happening... and it has to be in by tomorrow...aaarrggghhhh!!! I have never been particularly efficient (I blame the artist in me) but this is now getting ridiculous. However, I have had a lot to deal with...hysterectomy in November, loss of Piper, a further operation a couple of weeks ago which has not worked, so another one in the near future and extreme lack of finances...although usually none of this would bother me. I would just shrug my shoulders and get on with it. This time however, it has left me feeling a little flat.

The weather has been atrocious. The poor pigs are living in mud soup and the horses all look like they are all body and neck with no legs! There is no grass, just mud glorious mud, (my puddle jumping has reached new heights!!!) so the animal food bill is horrendous for this winter (the husband is NOT happy). And normally we do not use the heating in the house very much, but because we have had such a cold, damp winter, we have and we have run out of oil twice now!!! The last time was last Monday. We had no heat and no aga to cook on for a whole week. All of us were walking around looking like Michelin men in twenty jumpers, hats, double socks, gloves and four pairs of trousers. Actually we probably looked more like weebles that wobble but never fall down...only if we did fall down, we would not be able to get up again (think turtles stuck on their back!!!) and then if we did not manage to get up, we would just freeze where we landed...Oh my!!! the perils of lack of heating in North Yorkshire! Visit at your own peril!

Anyway, because we ALWAYS have to balance out the bad with some good, I managed to win an entire darkroom set up from eBay at a really low price!!! It even included a really wonderful, old 35mm film Canon camera, which I am SO excited about. This all brings me one step closer to being able to make my artwork for my final uni project.

I will leave you with a beautiful photo of Dolly that my daughter took...

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