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Time Passes...

A romantic trip to Zurich for my 22nd anniversary! My husband whisked me off to see Giselle at the Opera House and we spent the proceeding day wandering around the old town, taking in the sights. I had no idea that Zurich was so stunning! It has the feel of Venice but has medieval mixed with modern.

My lovely break is getting my brain ready for the final push of my degree. My hand in date is 15th May and the clock is very much ticking.

I have applied to do a Masters at the Royal College of Art, London and have had an interview. I have not heard yet, but am crossing fingers, toes and everything else that can be crossed that I am given an offer.

Sunderland has given me an offer to do a Masters there...

I spent the last week before I came to Switzerland locked in my studio working on hand-built vessels. Amphoras and cremation urns are my inspiration for shape and form and Magdalene Odundo is a shape and form hero for me. My aim is to create a vessel the shape and form of which links to the story told by photographic transfers on the surface. The surface of the vessel will act like a blank canvas. The story told by photographic image will only be understood by me. It will cause mystery and curiosity in the viewer and hopefully leave the feeling of wanting to know more. There will also be a hidden object fired into the vessel which is relevant to the story.

To fund the costs of my studio and also the Masters degree I am taking commissions for photography shoots. Also workshops in my studio for those interested in working with clay. I am also offering artist retreats. I am very happy with the photo shoots. I have completed a modeling portfolio shoot and have been commissioned for two further shoots. VERY EXCITING!

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