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A more positive vibe...

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Things are starting to improve. We just had a really wonderful weekend with everyone here. I cooked loads of delicious food and we ate like kings. It was a good, happy weekend and I appreciated every single second of it.

The rain has stopped play at the moment in the renovating of the old gypsy caravan that I am doing for a client.

It is a big job. All the paint has had to be stripped off, rotten wood cut out, filled and sanded. I started a while ago and it is taking a huge amount of time. I love doing it though. being outside and listening to a book on audible while I am working is perfect.

I have also had a commission to do a photoshoot for a pyjama company. The Pyjama House.

We were blessed with a break in the bad weather and I got some great shots. I am hoping that this photoshoot will lead to others.

I had absolutely gorgeous models and I adored doing the shoot.

So, spread the word if you like my photos....Thank you

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